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gino manelli

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Mat About You has works from many local area artists, some of which are featured on our web site. Here is a short bio of just one of the local artist.

Gino Manelli

His artistic career spans seventy years revealing his unmatched virtuosity and refined sensibility.

Gino’s extensive body of works reflect his inquisitiveness and willingness to explore, apply and express. His brush engages the viewer. The passages on his canvases bespeak of mood, atmosphere, emotions, and life itself, drawing you into the art.

From portraits to landscape, he approached each subject fresh, bringing then to life and engaging all who viewed them not just to look but to participate. Gino’s art lives up to his often quoted goal “My art feeds the soul”.

From his art studios located in Ellicott City and Baltimore, Gino Manelli's prodigious talent is displayed in his work.

His long and varied career has resulted in an extensive range of subject matter and composition. The hallmark of his work is the use of dramatic colors and a dynamic palette knife. A refined sensibility to composition makes his works both warm and intriguing to the eye. His art is highly collectable for both its virtuosity and sheer beauty.

His art spans all the major twentieth century movements. Drawing inspiration from a range as diverse as the romantic revival to postmodern, his artwork has lasting appeal.

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