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toni javins


Mat About You has hand crafted jewelry from many local area artisans, some of which are featured on our web site. Here is a short bio of just one of the jewelry artistans.

Toni Javins

For Toni Javins, what started out as a hobby of making gifts for friends and family, has turned into a love of creating timeless and artistic jewelry.  I started beading in 2005 and found I was most interested in pieces that were made from wire.  After doing some research, I found that some amazing pieces could be made with craft wire, a jig and a few simple tools.

Being self-taught, my first pieces were simple and uniform using a jig to insure that uniform look.  After investigating more uses for wire, my work evolved into many designs that could be made “freehand” which gave each piece a more one-of-a-kind appearance and resulted in a more artistic look.  Experimenting with gemstones, crystals, natural stones, glass and lamp work beads, I have been able to produce pieces with a look just perfect for jewelry that I feel can be wearable art.

The wire that I use is a fine silver plate that is coated with a hypoallergenic enamel that prevents tarnish; it is also lead and nickel free.  All of the ear wires on the earrings are sterling silver.

I am inspired by many things and always trying new ideas in my designs.  I turn wire, hammer it, bend it, flatten it, crochet with it, knit with it and even use a technique that weaves a Viking knit which dates back to medieval times.  I love to wear my own jewelry but my best satisfaction is to see someone else wearing and enjoying a piece of my jewelry that I have made especially for them.